Our Mission

Due to the advanced technology needed and the relative newness of the skillsets required to initiate a "big" data driven approach, care must be taken at every step of a big data project to ensure you don’t stumble into pitfalls which could lead to wasted time and money, or even legal trouble.

With our innovative and scalable technologies, hassle-free to use analytics tools (even for non-programmers), and GDPR-compliant infrastructure we help companies to kickstart their data driven enterprise - to make the data driven organisation becoming a reality.


We care about...

...Bleeding Edge Technology

Open source based big data technologies are revolutionizing the fabric of business, spawning new ecosystems of innovation. We redefine the way to process and analyze your data, help you quickly understand how Big Data technologies, tools and processes can transform your organization with game-changing capabilities. We have been working hard for many years to offer a superior technology platform that really meets the comprehensive needs of our clients.

...Instant Analytics

The data driven enterprise is aiming for employees to understand and make use of analytics in their day-to-day jobs. With more than 20 years of applied advanced analytics experience we capture the knowledge, technical skills and best practices to deliver unreached levels of productiveness and ease-of-use for advanced analytics initiatives. Our data analytics tools and technologies guarantee instant analytics for building and deploying highly accurate machine learning models in a fraction of the time.

...Data Protection & Privacy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance date of May 25th 2018 is approaching fast. It is clear companies cannot afford to wait until the regulation is set in stone. To respond to these changes effectively we guarantee that our technologies - from data storage, data blending, data modelling to data analytics - are fully GDPR-compliant. We help you to establish compliance quickly, secure personal data, and define the strategy to maintain that posture going forward.

Management Board

AI.Associates GmbH was founded by a team of advanced analytics, big data and cloud infrastructure enthusiasts, all with a passion for and a commitment to making the future of accessible Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning a reality. 

Stefan WEingaertner

Stefan is founding member and an internationally recognized data science and predictive analytics expert with over two decades of experience applying advanced analytics algorithms, analytics automation, feature engineering techniques, and data visualization methods to real-world problems for manufacturing, telecommunication, ecommerce, and financial industries. 

As founding member and Managing Director of DYMATRIX CONSULTING GROUP GmbH for over 15 years, he was responsible for the Big Data and Data Science teams and pioneered the development of predictive analytics and model automation processes.

Prior to DYMATRIX, Stefan worked as a Data Science Consultant at Computer Science Corporation (CSC). Stefan holds a MS in Industrial Engineering from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and a Master in Business Research (MBR) from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (LMU). He is co-publisher and author of the 3-Book series “Information Networking” and associate professor for Data Science and Business Analytics at several universities.

Henning Sartor

Henning is founding member and a big data orchestration and business intelligence enthusiast with over 15 years of experience applying data warehousing & performance optimization techniques, data blending routines, and data visualization methods across different industries like telecommunication, financial industries, ecommerce, travel, automotive and manufacturing. 

As head of the SAS Business Intelligence team at DYMATRIX CONSULTING GROUP GmbH for over 10 years, he managed all the Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Campaign Management data pipelines - especially setup & operationalization issues to establish analytics-driven embedded systems.

Prior to DYMATRIX, Henning worked as a Senior Consultant for the Data Integration and Business Intelligence Excellence Team at SAS Institute, Germany. Henning holds a Master in Business Administration from the Saarland University (UDS).

Jürgen Walter

Jürgen is founding member and responsible for product development, long-term innovation and technology. Prior to AI.Associates, he worked for IBM in Germany and Canada, and after a few years in Silicon Valley, he finally returned to the motherland and got involved with a number of startups in Berlin.

Jürgen holds a MS in Industrial Engineering from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).