We’ve been applying analytics to the toughest business problems for decades. With AI.Hub we pioneered one platform for all data to create an open big data system for all industries. At the core are the avant-garde open source technologies Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark and KNIME. Big Data Workflows and Applications are designed and orchestrated in KNIME Analytics platform - enriched by powerful AI.Nodes for KNIME delivering an "one-stop-shop" for machine learning, AI and other big data products, services, and applications. 


One compact Big Data distribution with seamlessly matching components. Instant deployment and infinite scalability.

Superior data processing & analytics options. KNIME Analytics Platform as big data analytics interface.


Apache Cassandra is an open source distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure. Cassandra offers robust support for clusters spanning multiple data centers, with asynchronous masterless replication allowing low latency operations for all clients. AI.Hub users benefit from Cassandra's flexible data storage options for both structured and unstructured data and high performing R/W operations. With our KNIME Cassandra Connector Nodes access to any dataset stored in Cassandra is now a matter of seconds.


Apache Spark is a lightning-fast cluster computing technology for fast computation of large and big datasets. Spark is designed to cover a wide range of workloads such as batch applications, iterative algorithms, interactive queries and streaming. AI.Hub embeds all components of Apache Spark, including Spark SQL, Spark Structured Streaming, MLlib Machine Learning Library, and GraphX for distributed high performance graph & network computations. Easily run interactive, batch, or real-time analytics - all components are accessible via the KNIME Extensions for Apache Spark.

KNIME Analytics platform

Ranked as the leading data science platform in the world, used by more than 100.000 users worldwide, offering more than 1.500 modules, and the widest choice of machine learning & AI algorithms available, KNIME Analytics Platform is the perfect toolbox for any data scientist. 

KNIME Analytics Platform serves as interface of AI.Hub to design number-crunching data processing & machine learning pipelines. Run Apache Spark applications on big datasets stored in Cassandra, unleashing the power of scalable analytics based on KNIME's plug'n'play workflow paradigm. Big Data Analytics has never been so easy.


Combine signal processing techniques with machine learning algorithms. Access any dataset stored in Cassandra Database. 

Unleash latest state-of-the-art algorithms for advanced time series analysis and make it accessible to any KNIME user.


AI.Associates' DSP Nodes for KNIME make it easy to use signal processing techniques to explore and analyze high-frequency data. Create powerful data pipelines to explore and extract features for machine learning applications, to analyze trends and discover patterns and anomalies in signals, and to visualize and measure time and frequency characteristics of signals. Offered nodes are WAV Reader, Window Slider, Window Function, Fast Fourier Transform, Time Domain Features, Frequency Domain Features, and Welch Averaging. The Signal Processing Nodes are available as Trusted Community Contribution for KNIME Analytics Platform.


The Cassandra Connector Nodes allow easy access to Cassandra distributed database system from within KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server. This extension offers a set of KNIME nodes like Cassandra Connector, Cassandra Reader and Cassandra Writer. Given a keyspace and table Cassandra Query Language (CQL) statements can be passed from client to cluster and back. The Cassandra Writer node establishes and opens a Cassandra keyspace access connection to which the entire input of a KNIME table is written to.


At AI.Associates we are continuously reviewing the machine learning algorithm landscape for supervised, unsupervised and semisupervised learning. Especially in the domain of anomaly detection in time series it is mission critical to select the right algorithm based on the general structure of the time series to identify unusual patterns that do not conform to expected behaviour. To close the gap we developed a Resampling and Time Series k-Nearest Neighbour node which produces the best results for certain time series anomaly detection constellations.


Simplify the campaign planning process. Automate execution of campaigns across multiple touchpoints.

Facilitate tracking and monitoring of campaign performance. Use big data technologies to accelerate campaign execution.


The Campaign Planning module is designed to define and track marketing plans, including all associated programs and multi-touchpoint campaigns. All parameters relevant to a campaign are captured and can be used to parameterize your marketing automation workflows as well as run a variety of marketing reports.


AI.Campaign integrates and automates marketing processes and workflows across all customer touchpoints. Embedded into KNIME Analytics Platform you profit from all automation options and big data technologies that this platform provides. Campaign Automation has never been more intuitive to learn, faster to deploy, and easier to scale.


We deliver true marketing and campaign optimization backed by powerful analytics of the KNIME Analytics Platform. AI.Campaign delivers robust optimization formulation and sophisticated scenario analysis based on different constraints and objectives using true mathematical optimization algorithms.