The founders of AI.Associates cultivate a long-term trusted partnership with KNIME for more than a decade. In collaboration with KNIME, we have successfully partnered on key mission critical initiatives for client organisations of all sizes and across many industries.

We provide expert KNIME services and support for all KNIME technologies and versions. Our deep KNIME knowledge, competitive rates, and fixed price services help you receive the most value possible from your investment in KNIME technology.


KNIME is built upon Eclipse, employing its wealth of functionality in a variety of ways. A key concept behind Eclipse is its use of plugins which can be added onto an existing installation to provide additional functionality. The KNIME workbench takes advantage of this plugin architecture by connecting to several extension points of the Eclipse workbench (e.g. the editor-, preferences page-, perspective-extension point). We offer rich algorithm design and data processing services tailored to meet your application requirements for the KNIME Analytics Platform. Examples of our KNIME nodes are the Signal Processing Nodes, Cassandra Connectors, MDF Reader Nodes, and advanced Anomaly Detection Nodes for the time and frequency domain.


KNIME Big Data Extensions integrate the power of Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark with KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server - offering a familiar, easy-to-use graphical approach to many big data problems. The KNIME Big Data Nodes blend the power of KNIME Analytics Platform with large-scale big data technologies to expand the advantages of both. Apache Spark has the ability to break down complex queries into multiple computations for parallel processing, which makes it the perfect choice for Big Data analytics and Machine Learning applications.

We help you unleash the infinite potential of these technologies for the boost in your business through effective decision-making enabled by insights from big data.


KNIME Server extends the power and flexibility of KNIME Analytics Platform beyond individual data scientists by providing collaboration, deployment, and management functionalities. Given our track record of successful KNIME projects, AI.Associates is uniquely positioned to provide a high return on investment for your KNIME Server Initiatives. 

  • KNIME Server Installation Services
  • Maintenance & Scheduling Services
  • Adaptation and Optimisation of existing KNIME workflows for execution on KNIME Server
  • Guided Analytics & UI-Design for KNIME Web Portal
  • Setup of KNIME Server based Collaboration Services


Our team of KNIME Experts, Data Scientists, Big Data Specialists, and Trainers have years of experience and unique analytical and problem-solving skills. Our services are committed to the vision of helping our clients innovate and transform their business strategies into deliverable data analytics and machine learning solutions.

  • KNIME Infrastructure: KNIME Analytics Platform, KNIME Server, KNIME Big Data Extensions
  • Performance Optimization
  • Integration & Interplay with other open source projects: Spark, Cassandra, Python, R, H20, etc.
  • Workflow Design for Data Blending, Data Analytics & AI
  • Accredited KNIME Training Services for Data Science, Machine Learning, Text Mining, IoT Analytics, and Big Data